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the Mobius Guided Injection Patient Tracker

How does it work?

For Clinicians

For Patients

Mobius GIPT is a cloud based, fully automated patient tracking platform that records pain levels post-procedure to deliver critical clinical data in real time.

It delivers whole of patient care in a systematic, convenient and easy to use manner that is currently unmatched in the marketplace.

Patients record their pain levels 6 times over a 28 day period via SMS at regular intervals that correspond to the half life of the most commonly used analgesics.

A full report is provided at the end of the month and clinicians can also access live results at any time simply by logging in.

The Problem

Infographic showing the patients journey; X-ray to pain and then with no link between patient and doctor there is no follow up.

Musculoskeletal complaints are extremely common and can be frequently difficult to diagnose as symptoms can be due to a variety of causes. The traditional feedback loop following a guided injection treatment from patient - GP - Imaging Clinician is antiquated and slow, requiring multiple face to face meetings. Time pressure, lack of clarity or even global pandemics(!) mean this loop often breaks down, resulting in sub-optimal patient care and outcomes.

Our research indicates that while 20% of patients reported sub-optimal outcomes, only 5% of patients return for follow up treatment.

This represents unhappy clients.


This represents lost revenue.


Mobius GIPT systematically identifies patients who require follow up treatment.


GIPT is a fully automated patient tracking and engagement platform that delivers critical clinical feedback on patient outcomes in real time.

GIPT: AI Powered Patient Care


The Mobius platform uses AI and machine learning to analyse the collected data to identify and flags the 30% of procedures that are most likely to require further follow up.  This is marked on the report and from within the portal you can view all patients, or filter only the flagged reports, creating significant workflow efficiencies.

With real time notifications and triage to automatically detect and flag suspected follow up cases, both consulting and referring clinicians will be able to easily track, identify and respond to patient needs effectively.

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