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"My clinician signed me up to Mobius.
What do I have to do?"

On Day 0, 1, 3, 7, 14 and 28 after your procedure you will receive an SMS from Mobius.

It is crucial to submit you pre procedure day 0 pain result.

All you need to do is reply with a number between 0-10 that matches your pain level at the time when you receive the message.

1 = Pain Free
10 = Worst pain imaginable

At the end of the 28 days you will receive a  copy of your pain report via SMS.

Mobius will never share your personal details, or send you spam or marketing material. You can see more on our privacy policy here

Why do I need to track my pain?

A pain scale is a tool that doctors use to help assess a person’s pain.  Pain scales may be used during admission to a hospital or after treatment.

Through tracking your pain you can improve your communication with your doctor. You'll be better able to answer questions about your pain and participate more fully in your pain management.

How does Mobius help me with tracking my pain?

Mobius simplifies the process of generating your own pain diary by automatically storing your pain score at 6 key stages over the course of 28 days. It also takes the pressure off you as a patient to chase doctors for further treatment if you are still experiencing high levels of pain.

So how does it actually work?

Before your procedure you will receive a SMS message asking you to reply with your pain scale.
Your day 0 pre procedure pain scale is the most crucial of all the SMS to respond to. The reason for this is once you've had your treatment the Doctor and you can clearly see how you have responded to the treatment using your day 0 pain score as a baseline.

Over the next 28 days you will receive a 5 more SMS messages, with which you only have to respond with a number between 0-10 assessing your pain scale at that time.

Once you have submitted your final pain scale on day 28 you will receive a copy of your report via SMS.Our system will identify if you require follow up treatment and it will be clearly marked on your report.

If you have been flagged for follow up treatment your specialist will contact your GP to discuss further treatment.

How do I know what to put down as my pain scale?

Always rate the intensity of your pain on a scale of 0 to 10.
0 as no pain and 10 as the worst pain imaginable.
In your SMS replies only use numbers. Text and emoticons do not register in the system.

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Built specifically for clinicians who treat musculoskeletal
injuries with guided injection therapy, GIPT is a cloud-based,
fully automated platform that tracks patient pain levels
post-procedure to deliver critical clinical data in real-time.