Closing the loop on patient outcomes.

Mobius helps close the communication gap between Patients, Specialists and General Practitioners.

Introducing the Guided Injection Patient Tracker (GIPT)

Built specifically for clinicians who treat musculoskeletal injuries with guided injection therapy, Mobius Guided Injection Patient Tracker is a cloud based, fully automated platform that tracks patient pain levels post procedure to deliver critical clinical data in real time. Through the Mobius Platform, clinicians are able to systematically identify patients who may need further treatment, enabling them to provide more effective treatments and better care.
About GIPT

Return on your investment from day one

In addition to delivering improved patient and clinic outcomes, the observed behavioural change from automating patient follow up is an average increase of 15% in returned patients. This means that Mobius delivers positive return on your investment from day one.

Graph displaying ROI

Improve patient outcomes

By collecting patient pain data on a consistent scale at intervals corresponding to the half life of the most commonly used analgesics across one month (day 0, 1, 3, 7, 14 and 28) we can instantly provide critical clinical feedback.

Dot graph showing improved patient outcomes

Improve clinic outcomes

By tracking patient outcomes in an aggregated, consistent format you can quickly build performance reports and identify high performing clinicians or techniques.

bar graph showing clinic improvements

Drive Engagement

Providing a fully automated platform,  complete with a report on patient outcomes has shown to drive increased engagement across both the Patient - Imaging Clinician and Imaging Clinician - Referring Clinician pathways. This leads to greater satisfaction from all parties.  

Patient compliance is extremely high, with a recorded response rate  of over 99% from patients on the Mobius platform.

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