Closing the loop on patient outcomes.

Mobius helps close the communication gap between Patients, Specialists and General Practitioners.

Introducing the Guided Injection Pain Tracker (GIPT)

Built specifically for clinicians who treat musculoskeletal injuries with guided injection therapy, Mobius Guided Injection Pain Tracker is an automated platform that tracks patient pain levels post procedure. Mobius allows patients to respond by SMS and so unlike existing solutions is able to deliver extremely high compliance levels of >90%.

Improve patient outcomes

By collecting patient pain data on a consistent pain scale on pre set intervals over a month (day 0, 1, 3, 7, 14 and 28) we can instantly provide critical clinical feedback.

Improve clinic outcomes

By tracking patient outcomes in an aggregated, consistent format you can quickly build performance reports and identify high performing clinicians in your clinic.

Return on your investment from day one

In addition to delivering improved patient and clinic outcomes, the observed behavioural change from improving patient feedback is an increase in follow up scans with an average increase of 15 scans per radiologist per month. This means that Mobius delivers positive return on your investment from day one.

Pricing designed to suit your requirements

From individual clinicians all the way through to full sized networks, Mobius has a package suitable to your specific requirements

Bill Monthly
Bill Yearly
1 practitioner seat
100 patients per month
1000 SMS per month
Patient reporting
Aggregate reporting
5 practitioner seats
500 patients per month
5000 SMS per month
Patient reporting
Reporting by individual practitioner and/or group reporting
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Unlimited practitioner seats
Unlimited patients
50,000 text messages per month
Full reporting suite
Unlimited patient reporting and historical access